Thursday, August 17, 2017


From looks like Jaguar 

BMW motorcycle

750cc-engined R62 in 1928. Unusual at the time, the R62 has all the things that are hallmarks of BMW motorcycles — horizontal twin engine, shaft drive and a cantilever front suspension.  Good engineering lasts.

Gordon Murray on McLaren F1 25 years look back

His engineers needed an approval from Gordon for a rational using any bolt over 9mm for weight saving.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nokia 8 smartphone strikes back

B- but logo on the front?  C+

Elbike an electric bicycle

The best looking e-bike out there on kickstarter but 32 km/h (20 mph) top speed is slow and wish it was a rear drive.  
Also swappable battery is good but the location is not good.  Back of front tire is where bicycle gets the most dirty.  Imagine riding this on a rainy day morning commute and want to charge it up in the office by taking out the battery...  Swap the orientation so I can take the battery out from the top, not the bottom of down tube.  And give me slimmer seatpost then A.

Beat tune

1969 Porsche 911T on sale at BaT

Updated to later big bumper.  Why?  

Unites Star Alliance 22 years

Can not believe I endured this kind of bait for 22 years.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Porsche rear quarter window

I need to shut mine soon.

Solar Eclipse

Well made pitch.  I want to go see it but have to drive for a day to see it.  Next one is 28 years later so ummm.

Fiat Ducato 4x4 Expedition Camper

Not bad.  Too bad it is made by Fiat

I might tune

Porsche Design and adidas “Bounce Chronicles” collection for Fall/Winter 2017

Uh, borderline sneakers 

Vanquish Zigato Speedster

Aston Martin lost it on this one.  Too many unclear intentions and does not work together.  C-

Leffe Blonde good beer

Wsj weekend mag with Jony Ive

With timely headline of Dow hitting 22000 powers by Apple headline.  

Nike Air Max 97

Ultra Gets an "Iced Jade" Colorway.  This was 2nd fav in AirMax series next to the ultimate '95

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich drops out of Trump council

Elon and now this dude from Intel.  Now I am a fan of Intel.

Anvil hotel

In Jackson Wyoming.  With this Motel like setting yet good taste, I would have stayed here when we paid a lot for mediocre half assed somewhat modern wood cabins in the Yellowstone National Park.


Forgot how the original form / ID was not so good and that is rare.

Apple changed the Maps icon to show its new spaceship campus

Yes this is something Steve would have done sooner than the them peons.  Still fav is Waze and Google map.

Mustang M2 diecast toy

Scored this Mustang at Walmart for $5.  Way more detailed than the Hot Wheels and now sits on top of my Grandma Impala.  I love the body color matching wheels.